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What is a Marketing Campaign? Mia's Definition.

marketing tips Feb 09, 2023

The number one question I’m asked is also my favourite question:

What is a marketing campaign? 


A marketing campaign is a connected series of actions leading to the desired outcome.


Think about a politician running for office. Their desired outcome is to win the election. Their election campaign is everything they do leading up to the vote to achieve their goal.

Do candidates throw all their money (and time) into one thing to win?

No. They speak at town halls. Buy advertising. Give press interviews, send emails, get on the phone with voters, among other focused efforts. 

And all of these efforts are tied together by an overarching message, slogan and visual identity.

This is exactly the same for a marketing campaign.

So, a marketing campaign is a considered, cohesive, focused effort.


Campaigns versus Always On Marketing 


Marketing campaigns are short bursts of activity focused on one or two marketing objectives. They are, in effect, the opposite of 'always-on' marketing. 



Campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many different types of campaigns. At Campaign Del Mar, we believe the best marketing campaigns use a smart mix of paid, owned and earned channels.

Want to see some great examples of marketing campaigns that will inspire you? Read about six standout marketing campaigns here.


Ready to plan a marketing campaign and get the ideas flowing? There are many different types of marketing campaigns, and deciding what type of marketing campaign you should plan is often the hardest part. Take our quiz to find out which type of marketing campaign is the best fit for your small business.

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