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Marketing is a team sport. 

Training, support and a tight-knit crew so you can market with confidence.


Where women in marketing go to upskill


We demystify big-budget marketing principles so you can market with more confidence and less burnout

Ever feel like marketing is a hamster wheel that you can't climb off?


We're not surprised. Between MLMs disguised as Insta-Gurus and scarcity tactics driving stress-purchasing, it's brutal out there in marketing land. 

This is why we created Campaign Del Mar.  

We help clever, and credible, marketers like you get the most out of your campaigns and your careers. 

We provide a marketing membership and training based on tried and true principles. 

We believe in evidence based strategy and tactics that sustain brands for the future.

We'll equip you for success so you can go forth with clarity and stop feeling overwhelmed by the latest tips and trends.

No false promises. No dodgy tactics. No sneaky shortcuts.


Marketing campaigns have a proven track record for building brands.


A marketing campaign is a masterful blend of strategy, creativity, messaging and media to strategically promote a brand.

A campaign is not a single channel, tactic or piece of content - they are about bringing all your marketing together with a single purpose.

Campaigns build brands, and that's why Mia Fileman has made marketing campaigns her life's work.

Campaigns allow smaller brands to do more with less because:

  • Campaigns are focused, planned and cohesive marketing plans that¬†drive results.
  • Campaigns are short bursts of activity, more sustainable than 'always on' marketing
  • Campaigns can be reused over and over
  • Using¬†a mix of paid, owned and earned channels helps smaller brands punch above their weight
  • Campaigns are designed to capture attention and cut through the noise

Our approach


Never add another $49 bundle or yet-to-be-finished course to your collection again.

Sustainable efforts

Marketing your business should not be all-consuming; you should be able to take a holiday without missing a step in your business.


Pull versus push. We believe in attracting the right customers rather than pushing out marketing, hoping to catch someone.

Multi-channel marketing

There is much more to marketing than social media, and over-reliance on social media is a problem. We teach a smart mix of paid, earned and owned channels.

Relationship Building

Trust is the ballgame for marketing, and trust is built through relationships. Chatbots have their role, but we will never stop talking to our customers 1-on-1 and neither should you.

Ethical marketing practices

Our industry has the power to do good and evil. Campaigns have started movements and changed minds, but some bad agents use marketing to manipulate, deceive and shame. Those gurus are not welcome here.


The Gurus We Deserve

Our approach is best summed up by our very own campaign 'The Gurus We Deserve' 

Join Mia as she fights back against the outrageous promises and shady tactics of 'online marketing gurus' in our viral campaign video.

Meet the strategists

Mia Fileman

Campaign Del Mar Founder, Global Marketing Strategist and the ‘REAL’ Emily in Paris

Besides having earnt the nickname "The Campaign Lady", Mia is an expert marketing strategist and founder of Campaign Del Mar. You'll love her hard hitting, no BS marketing expertise honed by 20 years in the industry. She is a widely published writer for publications including Social Media Examiner, Mumbrella, Marketing Mag, Smart Company and Better Marketing.

The first decade of her career was spent in brand management roles for global consumer brands Vegemite, Kraft, Maybelline and BIC in France. Now? She's a full-time trainer, mentor and consultant that works with you to drive your business results. Strap in for your journey to marketing glory.

Digital Strategist and Campaign Del Mar Mentor 

Emily implements the Campaign Del Mar marketing strategy as our Digital Strategist on a daily basis.

Her journey into the wide world of marketing began with a decision to study a Bachelor of Marketing at The University of Newcastle. And the rest is history!

Emily is the personification of a modern marketer:

She writes, she designs, she's tech-savvy and she loves marketing funnels.

There’s nothing she can’t do.

You can soak up Emily’s multi-faceted expertise within our online programs.

Toni Kibbey

What a great course, I am a professional senior marketer, but the higher you climb sometimes it means you are too often in the meeting room and not enough on the tools, doing the doing. It was enlightening to undertake a course that did what it said it would do, with no extra fluff or upselling. Highly recommended to marketers and business owners.

Kellee Eriksson

Working with Mia is a game changer for anyone wanting to up their Campaign Marketing expertise. She is extremely knowledgeable, generous with her time and an all round lovely human to work with. She has the ability to bring clarity & simplicity to the world of Marketing which can feel so overwhelming at times when you are a business owner wearing all the hats.

Aisling Quigley

Choosing to work with Mia and Campaign Del Mar was one of the best decisions I've made for my business. A super worthwhile investment that was worth its weight in gold. I felt the program was extremely tailored to my needs, I learned so much and have walked away feeling so much more confident in my business and my offerings. I would 100% recommend.

Swim in our marketing seas

Nail Email Marketing

Demystify the tools and strategies behind successful email marketing for your business and start showing up in a growing number of inboxes.


Setting the Stage for Campaigns

Gear up for success with our four-week fundamentals mini-program for marketers, business owners and entrepreneurs who need to level up their marketing assets before they commit to campaigns.


Campaign Classroom

Big ideas don't magically appear. They are developed.

Our signature 10-week online program guides you as you create, plan and implement integrated marketing campaigns with confidence.


Interested to know how we can support you? 


Campaign Del Mar ® is a registered service provider under the NT Business Growth Program.

Campaign Del Mar acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the lands on which we live, learn and work. We pay our respects to the Larrakia, or Saltwater, Elders and to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.