Marketing Workshops for Teams.


Don't let skill gaps hold your team back. Global Marketing Strategist Mia Fileman will deliver workshops specific to your needs.

Meet the strategist, Mia Fileman.

With more than two decades of experience in marketing across the globe, Mia Fileman is now sharing her learnings and is here to help business leaders and teams level-up their marketing game.

The cure for boring, outdated workshops is customised training for teams.  


Unfortunately, a lot of corporate training is tired, generic and outdated. What worked on social media platforms last year won't work today. 

Your marketing team is too busy wearing all the hats to be across the latest marketing tools and best practices. Upskill your team with actionable training in specific areas of marketing.


Book a custom workshop in specific areas of marketing: 

Mia has a way of explaining marketing that completely demystifies and simplifies it. She stays on top of all the latest marketing trends and innovations so that you don't have to. Tap into Mia’s expertise with custom training and workshops.



Brush up your team's strategy skills with a tailored workshop that covers analysis, insights, positioning, value proposition, channels, budget and timeline.


Learn Mia's best practices for creating attention-grabbing, insight-driven, integrated marketing campaigns that convert.

Content marketing

Level up your content marketing skills across posts, blogs, videos, podcasts, and emails.

Email Marketing

Upskill in email marketing strategy, content and campaigns. 

Social media

Receive up-to-date training on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok customised for your industry.

Brand Manager, Agency Director, Marketing Strategist, Mia Fileman

Mia spent the first decade of her career in brand management roles for global consumer brands Vegemite, Kraft, Maybelline and BIC in France. Upon returning to Australia, Mia worked agency side before launching and running her own marketing agency. 

Mia witnessed first-hand the challenges small businesses face and how quick-win learning products are failing them. Today's marketers require practical, sustainable, hands-on skills to succeed.

Enter Campaign Del Mar, making it possible for business leaders and teams to sharpen their marketing skills.



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"It's hard keeping up with social media, so it was great to get a refresher course. We definitely learnt many tangible new things that we can take with us going forward. Mia is very intelligent, switched on, and energetic. Class never felt boring!"

Binh Phan, NT PHN

Excellent training session for the Marketing Team here at NT PHN. Mia brought brilliant energy and was able to answer all our questions perfectly. Highly recommend as a team exercise.

Sarah Roberts

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