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Campaign Classroom Case Study: Third Space People

campaign examples Feb 14, 2023
Hareta McMullin


Hareta McMullin is the founder of Third Space People, an employee experience strategist and leadership mentor, shaking up the way we think and feel about HR, culture and leadership.


Hareta is also a beloved Campaign Classroom grad who has just finished running her first ever marketing campaign for Third Space People - which she absolutely smashed out of the park. Here, Hareta shares the details of the campaign she created during her time with Campaign Classroom towards the end of last year, and her key learnings.



'Leadership Conversations': A Lead Generation Campaign  



Campaign Type: Lead Generation Campaign. This included a lead magnet in the form of a panel event (which will be immediately followed with a conversion campaign).

Target registrations: 250 | Result: 238

Target new followers IG: 50 | Result: 104

Target new followers LI: 50 | Result: 35

Target engagement IG: 5.5% | Result: 6.3%

Target engagement LI: 2% | Result: 2.9%

Target sales enquiry: 1 | Result: 1 maybe (too early to tell)

Hareta also grew her email list by 202.


"Small potatoes compared to some but as a new business, I have a small audience and this is the fastest growth in audience numbers I've *ever* had."



  • Photography: $770 (which I needed to update anyway)
  • Guest panellists: $250 (2x generously declined payment)
  • Ads: $35 (I think. Ads Manager confuses the F out of me). I had a budget of $250 for this, so I may have been able to drive more registrations, but I'm happy with how it turned out.
  • Thank you gifts: $350

Total Cost: $1,405 plus many hours of my time. I did my own copy, landing page and creatives.

I collaborated with my ads manager, which saved my absolute bacon because WTAF is up with that?!

I used the templates provided in Campaign Classroom as well as their Campaign Builder (their own IP), which made it feel more structured and took away the overwhelm. The launch checklist was sooooo handy.

I cannot recommend Campaign Classroom enough. Like, shout it from the treetops enough. If you haven't already done it, but it's on your radar/you need help removing the overwhelm you feel when it comes to your marketing, this is for you. Obviously, you get back what you put in (like anything) but for me? It's been a genuine game-changer.

Thank you, Mia, Emily and my inner biz circle, for surrounding me in support.

You're the f*cking best!


"I'm a huge f*cking advocate for Mia and the team. Campaign Classroom has changed my life and the trajectory of my very new business." 


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