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Best-in-class marketing training and mentoring proven to build brands.

For founders and teams.

No fads. No fluff.


Best-in-class marketing training and mentoring proven to build brands.

For founders and teams.

No fluff. No fads.


Join our membership for real strategies, genuine support, and a vibrant community.


We'll help you:

  • Create results-orientated marketing content and campaigns
  • Bring to life creative ideas that capture attention
  • Balance strategy and tactics 
  • Reduce the overwhelm that comes from not feeling expert enough 
  • Prioritise your marketing efforts amongst constant shiny new tools and algorithm changes
  • Successfully outsource your marketing after you know enough to be dangerous 
  • Enjoy marketing again
  • Finally, get a return on your marketing efforts.

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Marketing is a team sport. 

Even though there are loads of us swimming in marketing's warm waters, it can get pretty lonely, especially when you're wearing all the marketing hats or you're currently in a marketing department of one. 

When we grow with others, we grow faster. That's why Campaign Del Mar is not an agency or a 1-on-1 coaching business. 

It's an ecosystem, designed for people in marketing who work across a range of roles including: 

  • Agency owners
  • Marketing teams
  • Founders and small business owner-operators driving their own marketing 
  • Freelancers and consultants 
  • Marketing savvy designers, copywriters and social media managers
  • Family and food businesses

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Come swim in our marketing seas.

Marketing Circle

A full-circle membership experience that trains and supports you to build your brand confidently and clearly.


Workshops for teams

Don't let skill gaps hold your team back. Custom and semi-custom training for marketing teams held online and in person. 


Loved by switched-on marketers and founders across the globe.

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A marketing training, mentoring and support ecosystem.

Everything you need to set sail is at your fingertips. 


Your strategic & creative marketing ecosystem.

Join the Marketing Circle for the best-in-class marketing training and a tight-knit community.


Got Marketing?

A top marketing podcast in Australia.

Join Mia Fileman on Got Marketing? for deep dives with marketing insiders to unpack successful campaigns. She didn’t earn the nickname ‘the campaign lady’ for nothing. Get actionable tips, learn from winning strategies, and avoid falling victim to marketing fads and fakery.


10 fad-free marketing tips the gurus don’t want you to know

Download the 17-page ebook now for easy-to-implement ideas to get you started on your fad free marketing journey.

Marketing ideas for small and medium businesses

Bucketloads of strategies. None of the fluff.

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Join the community of marketers, founders and small business owners who read The Weekly Roundup

A weekly wrap-up of marketing news and campaign case studies for founders and marketing teams.

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