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Unpacking Fayt The Label with Emily Lambourne

Season #5

Brittney Saunders started as an OG 2010s YouTuber, girl next door from Newcastle who knew she wanted to make it big one day.

Flash forward to now, she's the CEO of her own uber-successful clothing brand, cafe owner, and podcast host. In her own words, she's busy, and she loves it.

Fayt The Label, her clothing brand, is a perfect example of how personal brands and business brands can intersect. Brittney cleverly leveraged her existing audience when building her clothing brand from the ground up, and it played a major part in getting her to where she is today.

It just so happens that Fayt is Campaign Del Mar's Digital Strategist, Emily, favourite brand at the moment. As an honorary Gen Z herself raised by beauty YouTubers and vloggers, it was love at first sight for her with the brand, and of course, it helps that they are absolutely killing their marketing, too.

Em joins me in the episode to unpack the marketing strategy behind the brand, and what our listeners can learn from Brittney and Fayt.


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