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Rebranding, campaigns & creative strategy with Renee Wallace

Season #5

When a brand starts to see a plateau or a decline in their results, their reaction is often a band-aid fix, like some new social media tiles.

That won't solve their problem though. It's the underlying strategy, getting to know your audience intimately and building authenticity that will get you the results.

Businesses that don't evolve their brand, or mismanage it as they grow, aren't solving their problems.

Building a weather-proof brand is one of the biggest missed opportunities we see in small to medium sized businesses, and that's where today's guest comes in.

Renee Wallace is a fervent advocate for all things design, brand, female founders, service-based industries. She embodies a no-nonsense, powerhouse approach to fuelling brand success through her design services offered at Cultivate.

In today's episode I'm talking all things brand-building and creativity with Renee.


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