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Cult coaches with Penny Locaso

Season #5

Coach is another word that the gurus have tainted with their shady tactics and self-serving messaging.

They are selling hot garbage and diluting the value of genuine, qualified coaches who are invested in empowering people to make meaningful changes. 

If you want to work with a coach, there are key signs you should look out for to ensure you aren't just setting your money on fire. That's exactly why I've invited Penny Locaso, a transformational coach and therapist, to the show today.

Penny is the founder of and a recent graduate of Campaign Classroom.

In this episode, we talk about the coaching industry, where it's going wrong, and Penny's checklist for choosing a coach that is right for you. We're also talking about how Penny uses customer avatars to build deep and meaningful connections with her clients, and of course, we talk about the gurus.

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