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The Psychology of Social Proof - A Creative Plus Business Webinar with Lillie Brown

Season #4

Humans are inherently social creatures. Our desire for connection, community and belonging is hardwired into us on a physiological level, and through a marketing lens, it's really important to understand that the psychological phenomenon influences our purchasing decisions.

If we're weighing out whether to buy a product or service, we naturally want to hear about other people's experiences. Did it meet and exceed their needs? Was it worth the investment? Do they recommend it?

We could harp on until we're blue in the face about how wonderful our product or service is. But this only gets us so far. This is where social proof comes in.

Today's episode of the Got Marketing? podcast is a very special one, because it is a live webinar I recorded with Lillie Brown, the Marketing Manager of Creative Plus Business.

In the session, we discussed how you can harness the power of social proof in your own business, and it was such an exciting conversation.

Let's dive in!


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