Mia's Marketing Glossary

True to the Campaign Del Mar style you know and love.

By professional marketing strategist, Mia Fileman.

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Meet the Strategist, Mia Fileman

Mia is a career marketer who has spent over two decades running marketing campaigns on behalf of business and government. Mia spent 10 years in Brand Management roles for global companies L’Oreal, BIC, Kraft, among others before moving to creative agency land as a Director.

Before Campaign Del Mar, Mia ran a marketing agency for seven years across three states, creating and implementing campaigns for her small business clients. Mia is a Fellow Member of the Australian Marketing Institute, the highest level of recognition for professional marketers.


When you get marketing advice from the right people, it can lead to incredible results for your business. However,  following marketing advice from people who are not experts can lead to more than money and time being wasted.