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The marketing education platform that says it how it is

We demystify big-budget marketing strategies so you can market with unflappable confidence

The marketing education platform that says it how it is


We demystify big-budget marketing strategies so you can market with unflappable confidence

Fancy marketing degrees are nice to have


But they’re not the be-all and end-all 

Strategic marketing (the kind that looks at the bigger picture) is like a muscle.

We all have it.

What it comes down to is:

The right nutrients

Here at Campaign Del Mar, we like to call it ‘eating your vegetables':

We need to do the deep strategic work that sustains our brand long term so we can market with oomph.

Now top up your strategy-dense vegetables with targeted mentoring from some of the brightest marketing brains out there…

…and you’re looking at a strategic campaign marketing powerhouse in the making.

We all have it within us.

Often what we’re looking for is permission to step up as a strategic marketer.

Kellee Eriksson

Working with Mia is a game changer for anyone wanting to up their Campaign Marketing expertise. She is extremely knowledgeable, generous with her time and an all round lovely human to work with. She has the ability to bring clarity & simplicity to the world of Marketing which can feel so overwhelming at times when you are a business owner wearing all the hats.

Aisling Quigley

Choosing to work with Mia and Campaign Del Mar was one of the best decisions I've made for my business. A super worthwhile investment that was worth its weight in gold. I felt the program was extremely tailored to my needs, I learned so much and have walked away feeling so much more confident in my business and my offerings. I would 100% recommend.

Toni Kibbey

What a great course, I am a professional senior marketer, but the higher you climb sometimes it means you are too often in the meeting room and not enough on the tools, doing the doing. It was enlightening to undertake a course that did what it said it would do, with no extra fluff or upselling. Highly recommended to marketers and business owners.

Here’s your permission slip

Campaign del Mar is not your average online learning platform.

If you’re looking for…

  • Quick wins
  • Overnight success
  • A copy & paste approach
  • Sneaky shortcuts to bypass the must-haves

…then we’re not the right fit.

We exist to:

  • Challenge your existing approach
  • Hold you accountable (in a good way)
  • Make the penny drop once and for all
  • Tap into your inner marketing strategist
  • Turn integrated campaigns into your superpower
  • Arm you with the strategies that have stood the test of time

All that so you never feel the urge to add another $49 bundle or yet-to-be-finished course to your collection again.

Curious to see how we can support you?


The Gurus We Deserve

Watch the viral campaign video that shines a light on all the shady tactics used by the online marketing "gurus."

Fed up with the outrageous promises and false narratives being fed to small business owners from the gurus, Campaign Del Mar founder Mia Fileman decides to fight back.

Why we believe in a strategic, campaign-driven approach to marketing education


Because you do more with less

Let the multiplier effect create a seamless brand experience so it appears you’re everwhere.

Because you cut through the noise

Craft campaigns that make you stand out and grab attention for all the right reasons.

Because you work smarter, not harder

Create a marketing strategy that’s designed around you and your business, not an ever-growing list of channels and trends.

Because you grow skills, not your template collection

Future proof yourself and your business with real-world, practical marketing skills that never go out of fashion.

Meet your mentors

Mia Fileman

Campaign Del Mar Founder, Global Marketing Strategist and the ‘REAL’ Emily in Paris

Mia is a highly acclaimed Marketing Strategist with over 20+ years of experience within the marketing industry.

Her strategies have shaped recognisable marketing campaigns for iconic global brands such as L’Oreal, BIC and Kraft here in Australia and in Europe.

She then moved agency-side where she took on Director roles before taking the leap to run her own marketing agency that saw her lead several high-profile government campaigns for the Northern Territory.

She’s also a mother and military spouse who knows what it’s like to juggle business, life and multiple roles.

Nowadays, Campaign Del Mar is where Mia shares her strategic take on marketing with growing marketers like you who want to escape the hustle and swap it for a smarter way to work.


Digital Strategist and Campaign Del Mar Mentor 

Emily implements the Campaign Del Mar marketing strategy as our Digital Strategist on a daily basis.

Her journey into the wide world of marketing began with a decision to study a Bachelor of Marketing at Newcastle University. And the rest is history!

Emily is the personification of a modern marketer:

She writes, she designs, she's tech-savvy and she loves marketing funnels.

There’s nothing she can’t do.

You can soak up Emily’s multi-faceted expertise within our online programs.

The strategy-dense ways to grow your marketing muscle


and unleash your inner marketing strategist


Marketing  Foundations

The 8-week online program that unpacks the practical, repeatable skills it takes to grow your brand sustainably without jumping on the latest fads.


Campaign Classroom

The 10-week online program that guides you as you create, plan and implement your first integrated marketing campaign with confidence.


Nail your Email Marketing Workshop

Demystify the tools and strategies behind successful email marketing for your business and start showing up in a growing number of inboxes.