Nail Your Email Marketing Strategy Workshop

Uplevel your email marketing game with an online workshop by Mia Fileman. 


Nail Your Email Marketing Strategy Workshop

Uplevel your email marketing game with an online workshop by Mia Fileman.


Email marketing done right is money in your pocket.


For 10 years in a row, email marketing has generated the highest ROI for marketers. In the last 12 months, email marketing performance is through the roof.

For a small business, email is your best bet for business growth.

Learn how to nail your email marketing strategy in an online workshop delivered by Mia Fileman.


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Nail Your Email Marketing Strategy 


Online, self-paced video lessons delivered by marketing strategist Mia Fileman

90-min live group workshop

Custom learning dashboard and smartphone app for flexible learning

Downloadable workbook & editable worksheets


Released October 11, 2021 

AUD 395 per person



What's covered in the workshop?


A simplified and strategic interactive workshop in email marketing.

  • Customer journey mapping 
  • How to build your email list
  • Using marketing automation to eliminate repetitive tasks
  • 3 essential email sequences you need right now
  • Demystifying segmentation and personalisation
  • How many sales emails you should send and what to include? 
  • Planning your email marketing content & campaigns
  • How to optimise and improve email marketing performance
  • Plus, a 90-minute live group workshop where we create an email sequence together. 
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Meet the Strategist, Mia Fileman

Mia Fileman is a marketing strategist and the founder of Campaign Del Mar. She’s also a mother and military spouse who knows the reality of juggling business, life and multiple roles. 

Mia brings more than two decades of experience running marketing campaigns on behalf of business and government. She spent 10 years in Brand Management roles for global companies L’Oreal, BIC and Kraft, among others, before moving to the world of agencies as a Director.

Mia is a customer experience (CX) specialist, obsessed with creating customer journeys that delight.

"I recently took part in the Email Marketing Workshop with Mia. As a Digital Marketer myself I found the course to be incredibly valuable. Mia shared so many insights that will help to further develop the service I offer my own customers. Mia's honesty about her own marketing triumphs and fails really resonated with me and I look forward to learning more with Campaign Del Mar.

- Nicole Brighton, Social Swag Creative




"The Campaign Del Mar ‘Nail Your Email Marketing’ workshop was incredibly valuable. It’s always refreshing when a workshop exceeds your expectations and that’s what happened here - this is an investment I know will pay back many times over.

Mia’s expertise shines and her philosophy on marketing is practical, impactful and human. I highly recommend Mia and Campaign Del Mar - she is a legit marketing pro who is an expert in her craft and visibly practising what she preaches."

- Melissa Packham, A Brand is Not a Logo

"I thought it would be a refresher in emailing but I learnt so much from the workshop. I've gone back and watched it a few times and picked up more each time. So many great little tips and ways to make the emails better for customers."

- Post-workshop survey respondent









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