Monthly brainstorm sessions

Come along to a Brainstorm Party and walk away with killer marketing ideas for your next project. 


Monthly brainstorm sessions

Start building more creative ideas straight away with our handy template, and join the guest list for our monthly Brainstorm Party.


Ain't no party like a Brainstorm Party

Coming up with new and interesting marketing ideas is one of the biggest hurdles you'll face as a business owner - especially if you're a marketing team of one.

Join the Campaign Del Mar team and fellow business owners for monthly brainstorming sessions. Come away inspired, energised and with your next big marketing idea. 


Brainstorm Parties held by strategists each month.


60-minute virtual power sessions

Find out the top 3 creative ideas you need to know right now

Participate in rapid-fire brainstorming exercises


$22 per person - limited spaces
Next party: May 25, 11.30 am AEST.


Upcoming Brainstorm Parties

Brainstorm Party: May 25, 2022

Single payment of $22
Brainstorm Party: June 15, 2022

Single payment of $22

How might we?

Cracking the surface can be the hardest part of ideation.

Campaign Del Mar uses a range of both structured and imaginative exercises to guide idea development, however the key to driving any brainstorming exercise towards purposeful outcomes starts with the framing. 

A 'How might we?' statement is a design thinking tool which uses a very specific formula to reframe challenges and opportunities as a question. 

Why should I use a 'how might we?' statement?

  • It provides a departure point for brainstorming, fuelling your creative problem solving skills
  • It simplifies a customer need, challenge or insight into a more tangible opportunity for design
  • It removes external distractions and variables that can get you off track

You can develop your own 'How might we?' statement using the free statement builder template provided below. 

How Might We? Statement Builder

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